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We accept digital scan files (STL) from just about every major scanner that exists in the market today.

Send us a digital scan to see the quality of our products for yourself or contact us to find out more about digital capabilities.

  • Max. file size: 2 GB.
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Shipping Cases

For dental offices that are located outside our local pick-up & delivery areas, we’re still able to support you!

Contact us to request for shipping labels and other supplies that you will need in order to send cases out to our laboratory.

When sending cases, be sure to:


Disinfect all impressions and bite registration


Tightly wrap stone models in bubble wrap


Additional items such as lab prescription, old crowns, shade tabs, and USB’s should be placed separately in small bag or container


Try to fill extra spaces in the box with bubble wrap to minimize internal movements during shipping

Local Pick-up & Delivery (Free)

We offer FREE pick-up & deliver service for dental offices in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Southern Maryland regions.

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