About Us

Dentopia Dental Laboratory has been providing dental restoratives and laboratory services for dentists and their patients in the greater Washington DC and surrounding metropolitan areas since 2003. Our focus on fabricating only the highest quality products by utilizing the industries top materials, latest techniques, and most up-to-date dental technologies have been our top priority from the very beginning. Whether it’s a simple zirconia crown or a complex implant-supported denture, the precision and attention to detail given for every restoration that we produce remains the same no matter how big or small a patient’s case may be.

At Dentopia, we’ve been able to consistently provide quality products due in part to our incredibly skilled and knowledgeable dental technicians that work here. Unlike most dental laboratories, majority of our technicians, including all our supervising CDT’s (Certified Dental Technician) come from a dental background and hold university degrees in the field of Dental Laboratory Technology. With over 100 years of combined experience, our skilled technicians are able to fabricate all types of dental restoratives that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and long-lasting. Along with the skills necessary to make quality products, the in-depth knowledge of dentistry that our technicians have obtained over many years allows them to provide comprehensive dental laboratory services that clinicians can truly rely on for successful patient outcomes.

Every dentist and their staff expect high-quality products and outstanding service from the laboratory they work with. At Dentopia, our commitment to meeting these needs goes beyond just the products and services. From clear and consistent communication, timely delivery of products and services and above and beyond customer care, we make sure the overall experience of working with our laboratory is smooth and seamless for everyone. Through these commitments, the trust that’s built and maintained with all our dental clinicians and their staff help to ensure a solid relationship that lasts for years.

Give us a try and see for yourself, the difference that Dentopia Dental Laboratory can make for you and your patients!


“Your staff is excellent, your product is excellent. I recommend Dentopia as often as I can.”

– Dr. Levin, DDS (Washington, DC)

“I’ve enjoyed our relationship more so than previous labs. The products I have received are consistent and high quality.”

– Dr. Abramson, DDS (Washington, DC)

“The follow up with lab is phenomenal, you guys are really good at addressing questions or concerns regarding cases.”

– Dr. Trieu, DDS (Falls Church, VA)

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